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"Daddy, I need a drum set. Now."

2004 - 2005

Used the whole kitchen equipment for drumming to prove that I'm really serious about it.


Finally got my first drum set and started playing from scratch without a teacher.

2007 - 2009

Played in a Alternative Metal Band called Naildead.

2009 - 2010

Played in a Psychedelic Rock Band called Warbird.

2010 - 2014

Didn't play at all. I still regret that.

2014 - now

Playing in a Funk-Pop Band called Challenge of Tomorrow. Love you guys ♥!

2015 - now

Taking drum lessons at Drummer's Focus in Stuttgart.


Passed my first drum exam at Drummers Focus.


Went to the Creative Drum Camp near Aalen and one month later to the International Drum Camp in Salzgitter.


I finally set my personal goal to become an awesome drummer and share my experiences with those who are interested in ;)!


2017 - now

Playing in a Party-Cover Band called Canis

2018 - now

Proudly endorsed by TRX Cymbals

About Me

Hey everyone, I’m Verry from Germany!
I’m a freelance software developer from Stuttgart, Germany and a passionate drummer in almost every minute I can grab my sticks. I’m highly motivated and invest as much as I can in improving my skills: playing with my two bands Challenge of Tomorrow and CANIS, participating drum workshops, camps and jam sessions. My ultimate goal is to bring drumming to a level that outruns my current job in terms of time spent, which is quite hard if you have a full time job ;)!

How it all started... and ended

I started teaching myself the drums when I was 16. After one year I joined an alternative metal band and had my first gig with them. It dispended 1,5 years later, so I joined a psychedelic rock band. Sadly, they kicked me after 1,5 years for personal reasons – which was a really bad experience and made me stop playing the drums.

Oops, I did it again!

– 5 years later –
Some random day I woke up and missed my drumset so much that I decided to start again. I searched for a new band and some months later had a perfect match. Since then I’m rocking some smaller funk stages with my band "Challenge of Tomorrow". We are very ambitious with over 30 gigs the last 2 years and did lots of progress. I also started taking drum lessons in 2015, which for me was the best decision I made so far.

My first drum camp

After my first drum camp in August 2016 I decided to take things serious, set my goals, started my own Facebook site, made a website, a YouTube channel and all the other social media stuff you need to represent yourself. I’m participating in every possible drum camp, drum workshop, drum talk and drummer meeting I know about and even try to set up a drum related event that’s available across Germany but not yet in Stuttgart. All to improve myself and give back to the community.

I finally found my passion and what's special about the drummer community

The last months I talked and especially listened to a lot of famous and awesome drummers like Gerry Brown, Benny Greb, Jost Nickel, Ash Soan, Chris Gomez, Anika Nilles, Claus Hessler and Gabor Dorney. What I like most about the drum community and being part of it is that everyone seems to be super friendly, helpful and motivated. It kind of feels like having a super big family where everyone shares the same passion.

My goals

My final goal (and yes, I know it’s a hard and a long way) is to use 50% of my working time for drumming. I want to be a drum teacher one day, I want to play as much gigs as possible with different bands, I want to share my drumming experiences, I want to meet as much drummers from all over the world (and of course other musicians, too) as possible and I want to learn everything about the greatest instrument in the world :)!



The Night Game - The Outfield (Drum Cover)

Pokémon - Theme Song (Drum Cover)

H-Blockx - Leave Me Alone (Drum Cover)

Huey Lewis & The News - The Power Of Love (Drum Cover)

Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes (Drum Cover)

Blink 182 - All The Small Things (Drum Cover)

Rebelution - Upper Hand (Drum Cover)

The Kooks - Naive (Drum Cover)

Foo Fighters - The Pretender (Drum Cover)

Linkin Park - Faint (Drum Cover)

Bruno Mars - 24k Magic (Drum Cover)

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly (Drum Cover)

Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack (Drum Cover)

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Drum Cover)

DrumTrax - Contest Submission (Playalong)




2019-07-07 Verry@Rockin'1000, Frankfurt
2019-07-28 Challenge of Tomorrow@RockXplosion Festival, Warmbronn
2019-08-02 Canis@Haldensee, Tannheimer Tal
2019-08-23 Verry@DrumCamp, Dortmund
2019-11-08 Canis@Privatveranstaltung
2019-11-16 Canis@Privatveranstaltung
2019-12-06 Verry@Percussion Creativ Teachertage
2019-12-26 Challenge of Tomorrow@Weihnachtssession, Sindelfingen


2019-05-05 Verry@10 Jahre Drummer Circle, Karlsruhe
2019-05-04 Challenge of Tomorrow@Blue Flower Festival, Waiblingen
2019-04-30 Canis@Tanz in den Mai, Iptingen
2019-01-04 Canis@Privatveranstaltung
2018-12-28 Verry@Recording Studio, Stuttgart
2018-11-24 Verry@World Drum Festival, Popakademie Mannheim
2018-01-11 Canis@Offerta, Karlsruhe
2018-08-17 Verry@Drum Summer Camp, Dortmund
2018-08-04 Verry@Dixon Clinic Gregg Bissonette, Soundwerk Fellbach
2018-07-23 Verry@Percussion Creativ Drum Camp
2018-07-21 Canis@Privatveranstaltung
2018-07-14 Canis@Privatveranstaltung
2018-07-07 Challenge of Tomorrow@Gig@Kinder- und Jugendtage Leonberg
2018-06-29 Challenge of Tomorrow@Gig@Areal Leinfelden
2018-06-20 Challenge of Tomorrow@Gig@Schocken Stuttgart
2018-06-15 Challenge of Tomorrow@Gig@BlueU Fellbach
2018-04-30 Canis@Tanz in den Mai Iptingen
2018-04-13 Verry@Musikmesse Frankfurt
2017-12-09 Canis@Weihnachtsmarkt, Iptingen
2017-12-08 Canis@Weihnachtsmarkt, Oedheim
2017-12-03 Verry@Percussion Creativ Teachertage, Hammelburg
2017-09-09 Canis@Feuerwehrfest
2017-07-29 Canis@TBA
2017-07-01 Verry@ Meinl Drum Festival, Gutenstetten
2017-06-01 Challenge of Tomorrow@Boodschi Fest, Uni Stuttgart
2017-05-20 Canis@Mühlacker Frühling
2017-04-30 Canis@Maibaumstellen, Wiernsheim-Iptingen
2017-03-24 Challenge of Tomorrow@JuZe Kornwestheim
2017-03-18 Challenge of Tomorrow@Crazy Chicken Band-Contest, Villa Roller Waiblingen
2017-01-27 Challenge of Tomorrow@Session Leinfelden
2016-12-26 Challenge of Tomorrow@Weihnachtssession Sindelfingen
2016-12-23 Challenge of Tomorrow@Morgen-ist-Weihnachten-Gig Waiblingen
2016-11-25 Challenge of Tomorrow@ Welt-Weihnachtsmarkt Bad Cannstatt
2016-11-19 Challenge of Tomorrow@Vorweihnachtsrock Fellbach
2016-11-06 Challenge of Tomorrow@Rock unterm Turm Remshalden
2016-10-01 Verry@International Drummer Meeting Salzgitter
2016-08-15 Verry@Percussion Creativ Drum Camp Schloss Kapfenburg

... and many more :)

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